SPITANGER is Metal. SPITANGER is Groove. SPITANGER is all about powerful guitar-riffs, catchy melodic hooklines, brutal death-growling and pounding on your eardrums like a battering ram.

SPITANGER is Rock and Grunge, and many other things mashed up into something that doesn’t quite compare to anything else.
Though building on the blocks of notary ensembles such as Pantera, Testament, Slipknot, In Flames, Deftones and even Alice In Chains to name a few, yet SPITANGER is put together to become it’s own entity.

By most logical measures, SPITANGER probably shouldn’t even be. The idea itself, that people, in their mid-lifes, is brushing all aside, starting over from scratch, aiming to become a serious player in the world of international metal music, is for most people a ridiculous notion and destined to fail …

– Quite honestly, we don’t give a fuck!

Music is in our veins, it fills our hearts, it’s our life and we play because we must! Not because of money, not because of fame or any other secondary bullshit.

SPITANGER is all about playing music, performing live, looking people in the eyes, expressing emotions and having a great fucking time!

SPITANGER is ART, we are artists, and we’ll be damned if we let anything get in our way to prove that to you!


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